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Where is Sue located?

I live in Palm Springs, CA, and do my animal communication sessions remotely over the phone. Intuitive Guidance sessions are also done remotely, over the phone. I offer in person and remote Reiki sessions.

What is an Animal Communicator?

Animals speak telepathically to each other. I have this ability, so I can send and receive messages to and from animals, getting impressions through feelings, images, thoughts and a knowing.  In addition, I am also a Spirit Channeler,  and work with the animals' Spirit Guides to get information. This combination offers a thorough understanding of each animal I work with. I am not an animal behaviorist, although some behaviors do change after speaking to the animal.

How does Sue work?

I do sessions in-person and remotely. Most sessions are done remotely. For remote sessions, I need a recent picture, including their face, if possible, with their name, (including ALL nicknames), breed, age and gender, and a list of questions. The photo and questions can be sent via email or snail mail. For all snail mail photos, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope, if you want your photo returned.

After your animals' picture and questions are sent to me, and payment has been made, we set up the session. PLEASE SEND THE PHOTO AND QUESTIONS IN THE SAME EMAIL.

In-person sessions must be at least one hour in length. If I need to travel outside the NYC area, you pay for the transportation and for my travel time. Due to high demand of my services, I don't travel unless it's a special circumstance, i.e., being there for your pets' transition.

I will also send a list of resources to you prior to the session, and may be referring to one or more of them during the session. For example, if I know certain flower essences will help your animal, I will recommend specific ones for you to get for them. Some animals benefit greatly from acupuncture and/or other healing modalities, I will recommend this to you for your animal friend.

I always check in with animal first, to see what they have to say, before looking at any of the questions you send and do most of the session with them in a quiet back and forth together. At the time of our appointment, I go over everything the animal has said and go through the questions with you. 

During the course of the session, your animal may have a lot more to say. This happens quite frequently.

How do I know how many questions to ask?

1/2 Hour Sessions are approximately 5  questions.

45 Minute Sessions are approximately 7 questions.

1 Hour sessions are approximately 8 questions.

(Some common questions are):

1. Is there anything I can do to make you happier?
2. What are my animals soul lesson(s) for me?
3. Have we been 
together in other lifetimes?
4. My pet just transitioned and I want to know if they are okay and what they are doing.

5. Why are you peeing outside the litter box?

6. Do you have any aches or pains?

7. Was there a particular toy or food you enjoyed before I adopted you?

8. Do you like competing?

9. How does the new saddle feel on you?

10. Are you ready to transition?

11. Would you like a companion?

12. What signs will you give me when you are ready to transition?

How do I pay for a session?

A PayPal invoice will be sent to you prior to the session. It's quick and easy. All sessions must be pre-paid. If you don't want to do Paypal, you may send a money order, or check, with the picture of your animal(s) and the questions. Personal checks must be cleared prior to setting up the session. Email me at: and I will give you my mailing address.

Do I need to be near my animal during the session?

The animal does not need to be with you. It is also fine if they are sleeping, I will still be able to communicate with them.

Can Sue work with animals who have passed?

Yes. I can communicate with animals who are in spirit form. It makes my heart happy to do these sessions, as they usually put the human at ease after the questions are answered. I haven't met an animal yet who is mad at their person for making the decision to assist in their crossing. For these sessions, send the most recent picture you have before they crossed.

What other information will Sue need before our session?

I like to know how long you have had your animal, and if you've adopted them, how old were they when you adopted them. What other animals and people, aside from you are in the house.

I request prior to the session, you talk to your animal and tell them that a lady named Sue will be checking in with them, asking them questions about what makes them happy or sad, or why they are exhibiting certain behaviors, and that you give them permission to tell Sue everything. Let them know that you won't be mad at them, you want to help them. This way, the animal feels safe to speak freely about their situation.

Can Sue find out more about my animals background?

Yes. If you have adopted your animal and want to know more about where they came from, if they've been abused and/or anything else about their past, I can help you.

Can Sue diagnose medical conditions?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Animal Communicators are not a replacement for a Vet. Also, Animal Communicators are not legally permitted to diagnose.  I can, however, ask your animal if they are feeling any type of aches or pains and in what part of their body they are experiencing this pain. Remember, some conditions do not cause pain, so even if your animal says they feel okay, this does not mean there isn't a medical condition present. ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR VET.

I see Sue is also a Reiki Master. Does she do this with animals as part of the session?

Yes. Most animals love Reiki energy healing. I offer the option to the animal at the end of the session. I will send the Reiki, while you are on the phone, during the last 5 minutes of your session. Most animals who don't know what it is, ask me if it will hurt or how they may feel. Most animals who have suffered some type of abuse, are the ones  who ask this. I always tell them they can stop at any time, if they change their mind. I give them the control and power.  If it is determined that your animal will benefit from more Reiki, you can set up a separate appointment with me for that. A lot of animals usually can't take on more than 10-15 minutes of Reiki at a time, sometimes less. Of course, this would be determined on a case by case basis. 

Can Sue talk to more than one animal for one session?

Yes, I can speak to more than one animal in one session, but for first time sessions, I recommend at least a half hour per animal. 

Can Sue find out if my animal is ready to cross? 

Yes, I can tell you exactly what your animal wants and needs, if they are ready or not. Animals usually have a lot to tell their human at this time. Also, I can be hired to assist in the crossing. This means, I will start offering Reiki healing energy 15 minutes before the scheduled time, and while it's happening, and then will stay with you for a few minutes afterwards. This can be done remotely and in-person. I will let you know who was there to 'greet' your animal when they cross.

Does Sue work on missing animal cases?

Not at this time. I can recommend someone who does these cases.


What exactly is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient healing technique that was re-discovered by a Japanese monk named Mikao Usui. "Rei' means Universal Life Energy and "Ki" is our own 'chi', prana, life force.  The practitioner is like a straw, bringing the energy to you and you do your own healing. Your body takes only as much energy it needs.  Reiki works on balancing and unblocking your Chakras, or energy centers. Reiki is wonderful for stress reduction, relaxation and promotes healing for people on a physical, mental/emotional and spiritual level.

How is this done remotely?

The recipient lays down in a comfortable position, hands and legs uncrossed, ready to receive the energy. I will remotely 'see' your energy and focus on the areas that are blocked, and talk with you while I'm offering the energy. I will also channel messages to you, for your highest good, if you want them, related to your healing. These messages are for the continued healing of your Spirit.  Remember that YOU are healing yourself and I am there to help facilitate this. 

Do I stay clothed during in-person sessions?

Yes, wear comfortable clothes to the session. If you are wearing a watch, belt or any hair ties, they will probably be removed prior to you getting on the table.

How long do sessions last?

A regular Reiki session lasts about an hour..

Reiki Extra!™, sessions are approximately 1 1/2 hours. This includes the intake and channeled messages.


Sue Pike is not a medically licensed physician, therefore the suggestions and recommendations made by her in regard to crystal therapy, Reiki, guided instruction and animal healing are not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment, and no medical claims are made regarding these treatments. People with serious conditions should consult their doctor. Sue Pike's work with animals is not a replacement for veterinary care. No methods taught by Sue Pike are for the purposes of diagnosing, treating, alleviating, mitigating, curing, or caring for disease in any way whatsoever. Sue Pike will not be responsible for the misuse of her suggestions and comments or for the relief or lack of relief of symptoms.


What does it mean to be a Spirit Channeler?

Channeling is when the person, also known as a Medium,  receives information from Spirit. 

I receive and channel messages from many different spiritual realms, including, Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, Sea Animals, Sprites, Faeries, Native American Elders, Goddesses, Extra-terrestrials, to name a few.

All messages are for where you are energetically during the session. Messages can be anything from suggestions about getting more iron or calcium in your diet to spending more time in nature. It's all about what your Spirit may be lacking or suggestions to continue on a certain path you are on, etc. 

Channeling is only done in conjunction with Reiki Extra!™ healing sessions and with Spiritual Guidance sessions.


What this means is that I come to your home and clear out any entities or negative energy that you may feel around you. If you are moving to a new location, and want to make sure it's clear of any strange or negative energy, or you just want the energy of the last tenants to be cleared, I can help you with that.

I will go from room to room clearing. This may include sage, but if you have allergies or do not like sage, no problem, I still can clear your space! I usually use Reiki symbols that clear spaces and other techniques. Depending on the size of your home, this could take a couple sessions, depending on how long you want each visit to be. I may make some recommendations for your space.


I love to teach! Currently, I teach on the following topics;  Animal Communication, Intuition, Spirit Guides, and General Energy Tips.. If there is a specific topic you would like me to teach, and I have experience in it, I will gladly create a Playshop for you! I keep things interactive and fun.

Hosting programs are available if you are interested in me coming to you, if you don't live in the Palm Springs area. They usually consist of two or three days of Reiki sessions, and then two or three days of readings and Playshops. Weekend programs available, too! If you are interested in hosting me , please email me at:

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