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Animal Communicator, Reiki Master,
Spirit Channeler

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“Sue's Pikes work is fantastic! She is a person of high integrity and exceeds in work ethic and skills. She has deep and detailed knowledge of Animal communication, Reiki and several other healing modalities and methods. She is a pleasure to work with, and provides consistent results. I highly recommend her.” - Elise, Eluv Zotos

“I have hired Sue for multiple Reiki sessions, have attended her playshops on several occasions and am a Reiki student of hers. Sue approaches her work with the utmost respect and reverence. Her healing is amazing and beautiful. Her teaching is top-notch - thorough and engaging. I highly recommend her! - Mary Hart

“Sue is fantastic. I have worked with her on numerous occasions for cat communication. Reiki and space clearing. She is a true professional & highly skilled at her craft. With Sue you can count on a positive amazing experience in either her space or yours. You will be left with a sense of clarity & a well being. I love Sue's personality - she is buoyant & real. I can always count on Sue to receive what I need!” - Shannon Grey Williams

“Sue is an amazing source of inspiration and information. She's my go-to for Reiki treatments, always puts me at ease and helps me put everything into perspective. Her workshops have also provided a wonderful space to work with my own intuition and energy.  

Overall -- Sue is a compassionate and knowledgeable healer and intuitive, and she's been instrumental in my personal evolution. (And she's a great dancer!)” - Melissa Heltzel

“Sue gets an A+ on all the "top attributes", Her services have far exceeded my expectations.

“Sue’s work has supported me on several levels. Her Reiki sessions provide me with much needed balance and energy. Her intuition and guided messages as an Animal Communicator have helped me make some important decisions about Cleo, my cat. The playshops that she offers are always informative and fun! And, I’m privileged to be one of her Reiki students, having attained my certification as a Level 1 Reiki practitioner through her Reiki course.

Her gifts are valuable. She is a bright light and I’m fortunate to call her one of my healers. She has my highest recommendation! - Jeanette Gonzalez

"So many questions were answered about my horses background that reflects on his behavior, that I can now better understand and help him. Sue also continues to help with support and checks in from time to time to see how things are going. I will definiately use her 'gift' again and again." - Paula Williams

"I called Sue after my cat, Ambler, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She offered him Reiki approximately three times a week for three months and checked in with him to see how he was feeling. His sessions with her helped him relax and he said he had very little pain. It helped me to know I could communicate with him. Sue was empathetic, professional, kind, communicative and responsive. I'll be calling on her again and again." - Janet Lippincott

"We're amazed at the results from our session with Sue. Canela was a pretty traumatized street dog when we got her. After our session with Sue, we've noticed Canela's personality has blossomed!! She is not nearly as nervous or high strung, she doesn't even bark at the guys that come to collect our recyclables! It was a powerful and positive experience. I'm really glad that we decided to try it." - Julie Ryan

Still available for all East Coast Sessions - remotely - in PST!



Twitter: @sueanimaltalker
YouTube: suepikeenergy


Sue Pike, The Animal Talker® is a Reiki Master, Animal Communicator, Spirit Channeler and Spiritual Teacher, living in Cathedral City, CA. She's a practicing Reiki Master in the Traditional Usui Method, and teaches Reiki Level 1 through Master Level. In additional to regular Reiki, she also offers Reiki Extra! - incorporating the use of crystals and other energy techniques, if guided and channels messages related to the clients healing.

Sue always brings lightheartedness and a sense of humor to her work.

As an Animal Communicator, Sue can simply send and receive messages to and from animals. She can do this with living animals, or with those who've passed into spirit form. Most of her her sessions are done remotely, from a distance, with the same consistent results. She does travel for certain, special circumstances. Animals often love to receive Reiki, and Sue will include it in the session, if the animal wishes, and does this remotely as well.

Her mission in life is to give a voice to as many of our animal friends as possible!

Sue was seen on UK's, This Morning show, PIX 11 News NY, Good Day NY, Positive Energy TV, Late Night with Seth Myers and featured in an article in The New York Times, March 2007, and other publications, for her animal communication work. She does an interview every third Thursday of the month on Eluv's "Ultrasounds" show (88.5FM, Tampa, Fl.), where she shares powerful and timely, channeled messages she receives from various animal realms. The show airs from 10pm-12:00midnight(EST), and Sue goes on around 10:15pm(EST), streaming at: Should you miss a show, her interviews are archived for a week.  She also addresses issues about our animal partners on her blog, Animal Channeler, at:

As a Medium, or Spirit Channeler, Sue can connect with guides from many spiritual realms, including angels and archangels, ascended masters, elementals, ocean spirits, and E.T.'s and more.  This gift can assist the people she helps with their soul evolution, and in finding ways to improve their livelihood and well-being. Sue also uses this gift in her animal communication sessions, to connect to the animals' spirit guides, especially if the animal is in a distracted or distressed state, so she can still receive information for their highest good.

Sue teaches lively, interactive Playshops on Animal Communication, Trusting Your Intuition, Connecting to Your Spirit Guides, Energy Tips for every day living, and more. 

Sue participates in public healing events. Shortly after the attacks on 9/11, she offered Reiki healing to workers and to grieving family members in New York City. Sue recently has relocated to Palm Springs, CA area (Cathedral City), where she is looking forward to helping those organizations in need of her services for fundraisers, etc.
















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